WDW Sorcerers of the Kingdom & Holiday Cards

Background on Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom:

Opening in 2012, SotMK is an interactive game played within, of course, the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort. You are one of Merlin’s newest apprentices and he needs your help to keep Hades and his villainous friends from overtaking the Magic Kingdom. You’ll help out Merlin by travelling across the various themed lands inside the MK, with the exception of Tomorrowland, and go head to head in battle with the villains. However, fear not!  You won’t have to face battle along as different Disney pals will appear throughout your missions and help guide you throughout your quest.

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Disney Annual Pass Changes

If you’re a frequent visitor of Disney World or Disneyland (and are probably within driving distance), then you already know that an Annual Pass is the way to go as far as ticketing options go. This year both resorts changed the names of their passes, tweaked each passes benefits and of course, raised their prices.


Disney World introduced Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus which the Florida idsney2Seasonal, Annual, Premium and Premium Plus Annual Passes respectively.

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