Disney Annual Pass Changes

If you’re a frequent visitor of Disney World or Disneyland (and are probably within driving distance), then you already know that an Annual Pass is the way to go as far as ticketing options go. This year both resorts changed the names of their passes, tweaked each passes benefits and of course, raised their prices.


Disney World introduced Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus which the Florida idsney2Seasonal, Annual, Premium and Premium Plus Annual Passes respectively.

Silver Pass (FL residents): $414.29 + tax

Admission to all 4 parks

Park hopping


Block Out Dates

Gold Pass (FL residents): $584.69 + tax

All perks of Silver Pass, no block out dates

Platinum Pass: $691.19 + tax

Admission to all 4 parks

Park hopping



Platinum Plus Pass: $776.39 + tax

All perks of Platinum Pass + Waterpark, Golf course, ESPN Sports Complex admission


SoCal Annual Passport: (SoCal residents only) $459; only available by disneyrenewal from current holders

Admission to both parks

Block out dates

SoCal Select Annual Passport: $329; by renewal

All perks of SoCal AP + parking

Disney Deluxe Passport: $599

Admission to both parks

Park hopping


Disney Signature Passport: $849

Admission to both parks

Park hopping



Black out dates

Disney Signature Plus Passport: $1,049

All perks of Signature Passport, no block out dates 


Premier Pass: $1,439 + tax

Admission to all 4 theme parks at WDW

Waterpark admission

ESPN Sports Complex admission

Golf Course admission

Admission to both parks at DLR


Park hopping



MagicBand+ from 2014, which will stay consistent in style for 2015

The new costs of some of the annual passes have increased as much as 11%. The prices have really seemed to sky rocket, but with the announcement of a Star Wars area and a Toy Story Land at WDW, I guess it should be expected. I know Disney needs to make a profit to be able to do these new and amazing things, but what’s the point if you can’t even purchase food and merch because you already splurged on AP’s? They also aren’t allowing non-current holders of the SoCal AP to purchase one, which is also forcing us to spend money on another (more expensive) pass. I’m hoping at some point soon we’re going to see it come back for good, or I could see some SoCal residents pulling back on their spending at Disney.


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