Captain EO to be Replaced Next Month

Captain EO, a musical number featuring Michael Jackson and his crew travelling to another world to deliver a gift to the “Supreme Leader”, is to close during early December in Epcot, WDW.

This attraction has been open since 1986 until 1994 when replaced by Honey I Shrunk the Audience and reopened in 2010 until December 2015 after replacing that same show. That means it has seen 13 years on the big screen overall, allowing a few generations worth of kids hold Captain EO as a fond memory in their heart, like I do. If we’re lucky maybe Captain EO will have another come back like it did in 2010. For those of you who have no clue what show I’m talking about, you should watch the video below because you’re missing out!

Naturally, the next question is: What will follow the closure of Captain EO?” In it’s place there will be Disney and Pixar short films which will be a 4-D experience. According to Disney it will “include a look into the visionary minds behind some of the world’s most iconic animated films today.” This is interesting since most of Disney’s shorts aren’t related to their films and it will be fun to see what films they select for the feature. What do you guys hope to see?


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