WestJet Premiere’s New Disney Plane

WestJet and Disney Parks & Resorts Canada have been paired up in the hopes of creating unforgettable experiences for their customers since 2004. In December 2013, this idea and passion was taken to a whole other level when WestJet debuted their first custom painted airplane (Next-Generation Boeing 737-800). The plane features Cinderella’s castle and Mickey in one of his most famous and memorable forms – as sorcerer Mickey from Fantasia. Its premiere flight was to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL and was dubbed the “Magic Plane.” Truly dedicated to the experience, the Magic Plane’s seats are even decorated with the flurries of magic that leave Mickey’s hands and special Mickey shaped snacks are served to customers. Not only does the  plane go to Disney during the peak season in winter but it also flies to 80 other cities.


WestJet’s Magic Plane (pictured above)

Today, two years later after their original Disney airplane, WestJet ushered in their newest custom-paint airplane. This plane is themed after Disney’s film Frozen and features Elsa, Anna and Olaf. WestJet said they wanted to tell a story with the design of the plane. To me it says “get out of butt freezing temperatures in Canada and let’s go to the most magical place on Earth where it’s nowhere near as cold!” since it does feature snowflakes then moves to Olaf in the sun.

F1 F2 F3

exterior of WestJet’s new Frozen plane

The inside of this plane is ridiculously better than the Magic Plane, since this one has a consistent theming that matches the outside. Following cold (snowflakes) to warmth (beach), from  the rear to the front  of the exterior of the plane, the interior follows suit. The back of the airplane and overhead storage bins have wallpaper featuring snow covered trees and hills. Even the head rests are consistent with theming as they are covered in blue snowflakes.  As you move towards the front of the plane, the interior reflects the warmth of the beach Olaf is on and the headrests are decorated in a cheery yellow and the overhead storage is covered in flowers and greenery.

img-02 FrozenPlane_Features_0218


interior of Frozen plane


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